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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445


Ruboni Community Camp is a tourist accommodation in the beautiful foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, overlooking the high Portal Peaks. The camp is fully owned and operated by the local community. Ruboni Community Camp is the pioneer of Community tourism in the Rwenzori Mountains area. Over the last 15 years, the camp leads in providing accommodation and community tour services. Our location near to the gate of the National Park makes the camp, a perfect base to explore the surrounding villages and mountains. It is a quiet and natural setting, generously showcasing the beautiful landscape and culture to travelers who choose to visit Rwenzori. At the camp, you will find a range of one-day guided walks, serviced guest rooms, a restaurant, a bar and other local encounters. We also take interested trekkers on multi-day camping trips over the high peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.

During your stay at Ruboni Community Camp with the beautiful mountains in the background, you will enjoy the tranquility of nature, the delicious meals and the highest level of hospitality from our staff.



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Tree planting Experience – tour

Everyone is planting trees as the one best way to combat the global impacts of climate change. Here is an opportunity to participate. In Ruboni

The overnight hill trek

The overnight hill trek tour organized by Ruboni Community Camp is a shortcut option to the long and costly Rwenzori trekking. In a few hours

Rwenzori trekking Experience

Climbing Rwenzori Mountains through the Ibanda gate starts at Nyakalengijo headquarters (1615m). Through this trail (gate) one can do two optional treks. The first option

Cultural festivals

The foothills of the RwenzoriMountains area have been the residence of the Bakonzo tribe for over 300 years. Every evening in the Ruboni community, the

3 days Mahoma trek

This 28km trail takes you to explore a cross-section of the lower slopes of the scenic Rwenzori Mountains. The trail is an alternative to longer

Traditional dance

This is the most joyful way of meeting people and learning their way of life. As with all other African tribes, music and dance among