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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

Cultural festivals

The foothills of the RwenzoriMountains area have been the residence of the Bakonzo tribe for over 300 years.

Every evening in the Ruboni community, the time is to sing, dance and dine with the locals in their traditional style. This is suitable for guests who want to experience the unique culture of Uganda. You will be amazed by the opportunity to meet the local people and participate in their music, dances, food preparations, testing the local drinks, and get an insight into everything they do daily in their life.

Every evening, for two hours, starting from 5:00 to 7:00 pm the local people of all ages come together to celebrate their culture. A limited number of guests are welcome to join and practically participate in this traditional merry-making session.  Here you can join the traditional workshops or just sit back to learn and appreciate the local Bakonzo culture as you view the sounds and moves of these mountain dances. During or after the function, you can shop souvenirs in the local gift shop, purchase local meals, or chat with the locals to learn more about Uganda, the Rwenzori Mountains and her people.