Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

About Ruboni Community Camp


We have a total of eight guest rooms. They are suitable for the Rwenzori trekkers and none-trekkers who want to relax as they explore the Rwenzori foothills. The rooms are furnished with, beddings, mosquito netting, seating furniture, wooden shelves and electricity with a charging socket. An onsite restaurant and bar provide all meals, drinks, and snacks on order.

The rooms are located in natural lush habitat allowing guests to bond with nature. gest have a chance of sporting small animals, birds and unique insects in the surrounding forest bushes.

Four of the rooms are self-contained with private bathrooms and twin double bed setting options, while the rest are twins. Each self-contained room is spacious and able to take up to three beds. All rooms have a balcony facing the portal peaks and offer beautiful mountain views.  Read more about our rooms 


We have a long list of interesting community tours. We offer both the one-day community tours and the multiday Rwenzori trekking trips to the high peaks

The key aspects of these tours are affordable prices, friendly staff, great scenery and location, nature and culture immersion, and closeness to the park entry gate. This makes Ruboni community Camp a perfect base to explore the Rwenzori Mountains and the foothills. Read more about our activities  


Ruboni community camp is a pivot of development in this rural community. Being fully owned and run by the community, all the profits are reinvested back, supporting local development on community and household levels.

We use tourism benefits to facilitate Community empowerment and partnerships that enhance local community development initiatives. These initiatives enable the community to continually address the causes of excessive poverty and suffering in households and communities.

Ruboni community camp plays her development part through skills development, education sponsorship for the youth and young people, women empowerment, and enhancement of productivity at the household level. Tourism provides a market for local goods, services, and agro-produce; hence, local people can earn some cash to meet their basic needs and do household investments.

Read more about the child sponsorship


Ruboni community camp is probably the leading community conservation initiative on the Rwenzori foothills. We have facilitated the planting of tens of thousands of trees restoring degraded land outside the park. 

Ruboni Community Camp conserves over 100 acres of indigenous forest in the buffer of Rwenzori Mountains National Park, trains the community on sustainable land use and alternative livelihoods that divert the local population from depleting the natural environment for subsistence survival. Read more about the conservation projects