Now that you have started planning to visit Rwenzori Mountains, you may be wondering what specific activities you can do during your visit. There are allot of activities to do in the Rwenzori area. Unlike other destinations, Rwenzori mountain is a unique destination. Here you mainly meet the people to show you their heritage; the wildlife and culture.

You will be able to find activities that last one day, giving you an overview of Rwenzori mountain off the beaten path.  Despite the diversity of Rwenzori, you will be impressed to learn that three hours can be enough to do a complete experience that will give you good knowledge of the entire landscape. these are the short one-day activities you can select from;

For those who want to stay long or do multiday tours, there is great opportunities too. The area has lodges, campsites and homestays where you will comfortably spend all nights of your choice. The most popular lodge in the area is Ruboni Community Camp. You can also choose to spend multiple nights in the mountains on multiday treks ranging from 2 to 10 days; that lead you to margarita peak. Besides going to margarita, multiple trails have been opened up on the mountains giving trekkers a change to scale the lower peaks of this beautiful mountain. Theas are some of the longer experiences you can participate in;

Rwenzori is not a stand alone. It is in the middle of other attractions. A visit to Rwenzori can be well integrated with going to other National parks in the western Uganda. The nearby parks include;