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Tree planting Experience made easy for every traveler

If you have been wondering how you can plant a tree during your travel around Uganda, this post answers all your doubts. Yes, it is possible and you can physically plant trees in Ruboni village without any complication.

If you have any time starting from 30 minutes, and 20 US dollars, you can plant up to 50 trees. Besides, campers can get free camping in a secure and clean ground with toilets and showers as part of the price, just to pay for meals. This enables you to come and visit or stay to plant trees at only 20USD, per person

The campground where tree planters stay has a local restaurant where you can buy local food. for those who want to comfort accommodation, you can stay at Ruboni community Camp, or choose from the many lodges in Ruboni village, ranging from luxury to shoe string.

a stump of the recently cut tree

This hands-on tree planting experience is your ultimate way to contribute to offset the carbon footprint of travel and other human activities. It has been well organized, that anybody can plant trees. The seedlings are ready, the guide waiting to take you and the garden already prepared by the farmers. No forms need to be filled or any bureaucracy.

Even the shortest time available on your trip schedule will allow you to participate in tree planting. Yes, this is a rural community way and yet the most successful way of planting trees. We are restoring the degraded landscapes, and you will have a chance to contribute to this restoration movement. Besides the planting of trees, you will definitely learn a lot, from the conservation experience Ruboni Village has acquired over 20 years.

For us to succeed in restoring mother earth, We just need to go out and plant trees, and this is your opportunity.  The only requirement you have is, adding Ruboni village-Rwenzori Mountains, on your trip, and sparing at least 20$ for this activity.

Adding Rwenzori and Ruboni village on your trip is simple. The village is located on your way to Queen Elizabeth National Park from Kibale National park or the other way round. Spare a minimum of 30 minutes in Ruboni village and the hardest part is done.

after adding Ruboni on your trip, Join the community today or when you visit Ruboni village. It is simple, visit, get the tree and plant it on the land that needs it now. Since trees are planted outdoors, you will need to trek during the activity. This walk is covered in the activity price and you wont need any other entrance fees. The distance you trek will depend on your choice. Long or short, high or low.

Trekking on the hills to the tree planting site

You may trek to the high hills, short hills or on the plains. This all depends on your ability, time and interest. The price for the experience remains the same even when you choose to do the most challenging tree planting adventure. On arrival, our staff will brief you about everything to help you decide on what to do.

You will realize that it is actually very easy to plant trees than you thought when you follow the farmers and plant trees with them in a short time. We have the seedlings ready. You can choose either a tree species that is indigenous to Rwenzori or fruit trees.

Planting trees is a process. This process can be fully done by nature or partially by people and animals. The process starts from the seed, to the seedling, to the garden and to the mature tree. The households and community members involvement determines how successful or unsuccessful the seed will turn into a tree.

Women tending to the trees seedlings in the nursery

Alongside with the visitors buying this tour, many community members are involved in the tree planting project with or without the visitors. The day to day activities of the tree planting activity include seed collection, nursery preparation, seedlings rising, Transportation of seedlings, tree planting, and tending to the trees for at least three years until they suppress the weeds. You can pay for all these by a single small fee; the price of this tour.

You will meet the community tree planter, who will explain how the people are impacting the environment thought their daily life, and what Ruboni community is doing to mobilize community contributions to the process of tree planting.

As you enjoy the Rwenzori climate and landscapes during the tour, the guide will explain how the landscapes have changed over time. Finally, you will reach the selected garden plant the seedlings and return to your lodge.

The benefits from this tour go back to the local community. All the money paid for this experience is used to facilitate the tree planting activities by paying the labor, transportation, seed collection, buying/ rising seedlings, paying the farmers who have scarified their land for tree planting.

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