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Explore the eight remarkable tours you can participate in at Ruboni Community Camp

Eight remarkable tours organised by Ruboni community camp.

Besides the improvement of the camp infrastructure, we have applied a number of improvements to the services and tour activities. From now on, guests will find a wider range of activities to participate in during their stay at Ruboni Community Camp. With some activities added, the list of available experiences includes a total of eight different tours and activities. All activities showcase the beauty of Rwenzori natural and cultural heritage in the local social setting. they include;

Village cultural walk. This is for guests who want to learn or participate in the local cultural life while learning how the Rwenzori nature and culture integrate into the local life setting.

Forest walk. A visit to the community forest neighboring Rwenzori Mountains National Park. While here, trekkers enjoy nature as in any tropical rain forest or inside the park itself. The forest is rich with plants, trees, waterfalls and glacier rivers, birds, insects, chameleons, and other wildlife unique to the area. On a lucky day, you may encounter primates having crossed from the park.

Hill climb walk Trekking to 2400m on the highest hill in the village. This gives guests the possibility to scan the surrounding natural features and the Rwenzori Mountains from one point. On a clear day, Margarita peak is also visible. Coming atop with a binocular gives an added advantage of a panoramic view across the Rwenzori ranges landscape.

Overnight hill trek: Spending a night outdoors camping on the hilltop. In the evenings and mornings, campers look for margarita peak and see Lake George in Queen Elizabeth national park. Again, a pair of binoculars is handy during this overnight trek.

The traditional hunting experience: This is done with the guidance of the ex-poachers as they show guests how they used to hunt in and around the park. The activity promotes the conservation of wildlife through community sensitization, research, and education. the ex poachers are used as conservation educators. This creat an alternative income for the reformed poachers when they get payment from guiding guests and educating locals about wildlife. The tour takes a minimum of seven hours in the wild outside the park.

Guests doing a drumming lesson during the cultural event

The cultural events: This is a cultural event conducted on certain days of the week. It is a show within the village where community members get together to celebrate culture. They participate in cultural activities including dances, songs, local beer, demo cooking, and crafts making. Guests are given tickets to join the festival and they are required to book directly in advance.

Rwenzori trekking on Mahoma trail: The three days and two nights of trekking up to 3500m in the lower peaks of Rwenzori Mountains. This wilderness, camping trail goes through the bamboo zone following Elephant tracks. Trekkers stay in exclusively beautiful spots on ridges and lakesides. The trail is a true paradise of Rwenzori. It is an alternative for trekking on the central circuit and Margarita peak.  

Trekking on the central circuit and Margarita peak: Ruboni Community Camp is prepared to guide you inside the park on the central circuit trail. The 6-8 day trail takes guests up to the highest point Margarita at 5109 meters above sea level.

With a variety of natural, social, and cultural activities to participate in, visiting Ruboni is worthy of our guests’ time. From now on, a visit to this village will leave every guest in full excitement, satisfaction, and full knowledge of Rwenzori and the Bakonzo people. All activity prices and duration of time have not changed. We continue to offer the smallest budget and the shortest time that you will have at hand.

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