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Traditional dance

This is the most joyful way of meeting people and learning their way of life. As with all other African tribes, music and dance among the Bakonzo people is for many life purposes, which include entertainment, education, healing and the transfer of cultural norms. Every evening, the elders meet the young generations to pass the cultural values through music and dance. At this time, we have a very rich display of local cultural dances. It is a selection of the different types of dances based on the different local events, such as harvesting, planting, weeding, funeral rights, circumcision ceremonies, hunting prayers, and cleansing. Along with the dances, the different musical instruments are played by the localmusicians. You will have an opportunity to attend this rich cultural dance performance. All guests are at liberty of joining the music and dancing arena. A workshop on how to play the different musical instruments will also be offered to every interested visitor. Here you can learn how to dress, play the drum, sing or dance like a local.