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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

Village Tour


Meet the Bakonzo people in their village at their home or as they make their local trades. Our village walk gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique culture of the Rwenzori Mountains. Ruboni community is located at the end of the world where you can relax, roam and or unwind in a unique mountain setting as you wish.


On this tour, you will visit a number of homes and locations that showcase the local way of life, where you will be at liberty of participating yourself. The areas visited include the home of the traditional storyteller, who will share the educative stories with the guests and visitors to the area to help them internalize the local culture.


  • At the blacksmith workshop, you will see how the local household tools are made by hand with a hammer, on river rocks.
  • The crafts weaver will take you through the crafts weaving process to produce domestic items out of natural fibers.
  • The traditional healer will demonstrate how he uses local herbs and other natural products to cleanse the people of their misfortunes, heal simple ailments, and provide lunch portions that fix relationships and other misfortunes.
  • At the local farmer’s home, you will participate in farming bananas, coffee, vanilla, and other crops. You will also be shown how to process coffee and banana to add value to them. After participating in the farming, harvesting, and processing, you can also choose to buy some of the crop harvests and take them to your loved ones as a true gift from Rwenzori soils. You can also choose to buy some of the crop harvests and take them to your loved ones; as a true gift from Rwenzori soils.