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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

Why Ruboni Community Camp will be thrilling after Convid-19

The impact of the global lock-down:

Convid-19 will definitely change the way to travel. At Ruboni community camp, we have had enough of the bad side of this lock-down. We have temporarily closed based on the global and local government health regulations. We will be open as soon as this convid-19 situation ends.

During this time of lock-down, we are working hard on all good changes. We are sure the travelers who will choose to visit Rwenzori Mountains, when travel resumes, will be highly impressed by the changes that at the camp.

The good news is that, Uganda is still proving to be a safe travel destination. Based of the high level experience of managing epidemic and disease outbreak in cases of Ebola, marlburg, polio and others, Uganda has done it again with Convid19. You can look at up to date information and guidelines about the Convid19 in Uganda on the Minstry of health website.  Until now, the Rwenzori region where Ruboni community camp is located has not yet registered any case and above all, Uganda has not had any fatality case.  With the much effort the government and citizens have put in, we trust Uganda will remain one of the safest destinations in the region.

Looking forward to the next time of travel:

As you stay at home this season, we definitely miss welcoming you to Ruboni community camp. We understand that our guests will travel again soon, because we believe that this is not the end.  We also appreciate that our guests will come with much zeal and love for unique and quality services. When that travel time comes, we will be set to offer the highest value for money to our guest, than ever before.

We have upgraded Ruboni community camp:

During this convid-19 lock-down, we have taken an opportunity to complete the upgrades of Ruboni community camp that started by the end of 2019, when we worked with an expert from PUM Neatherlands. We are sure that, when our guests come at the end of this pandemic, they will find an all-new accommodation and tour experience that will be offered by Ruboni community camp, in the Rwenzori foothills.

The time spent at home has probably gotten our guests even more ready for this new memorable experience in the rustic foothills. Being the oldest camp in the Rwenzori that was constructed in 2005, the design facilities and finishing were getting obsolete. We have redone the furnishings and fittings to make the camp cozy and up to date, based on today’s traveler demands. The summary of the improved areas include, lighting, landscaping, guest rooms, bedding, restaurant, kitchen, bathrooms and toilets, parking area, signposting and community tours enrichment.

Extra Online appearance:

We have also improved the website usability. You will find more information when you visit it at From the same website you will be able to send inquiries, read our latest news and or place your booking. you can also find us on other popular Online travel directories and platforms of choice.

Easier and flexible payment systems:

Our payment is now easier as you have options of paying cash on arrival, wire transfer before arrival or credit card. Our two online payment service provider are PesaPal and TAB. These two allow you to pay either on or before arrival.

We made it easier to explore Rwenzori:

With a new option of guests exploring the Rwenzori in the shortest time, it is now possible to go for day forest walks, village cultural tours or overnight treks without entering the national park and come with memorable experience of Rwenzori mountains.

Affordable price and value for money:

The price of our services is pocket friendly. Guests can choose to buy each item separately or to select from the packages that are developed basing on the differences in time of travel, budget and other travel factors.

We eagerly wait to unveil this upgraded facility to you during your next visit.

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