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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

What you get from the improvements at Ruboni Community Camp

We saw the travel trends changing and realized that our guests deserved more and better, thus we have had to uplift the services and facilities to suite traveler expectations. If you haven’t heard about our new improvements, especially since there has not been much travel during the global lock-down, you can read our previous news here.

All recent improvements at the camp are influenced by our previous guest feedback, tour operator suggestions, community interests and consideration of sustainability requirements. All areas have been touched and we are still collecting feedback to make it better every time we have an opportunity.

We want to make sure that, our guests, partners and community members continues to get the be pleasure of being part of the success story of Ruboni community camp. Besides offering the best location, service and hospitality to Rwenzori trekkers and other visitors to the Rwenzori foothills, the camp has influenced positive change in the local economy, among community households and on the local environment.

The camp is placed to demonstrate how, tourism and travel facilitates the sustainability process. Through the this effort, we have seen degraded landscapes being brought back to their natural status and local livelihoods being improved. This contribution from our guests needs to be sustained by keeping up to standard as we provide the best to our guests.

Communities and the environment need more from tourism, especially during and after this critical time of COVID-19 when the households incomes have gone down to zero and natural resource depletion has more than doubled in our area.

At this moment, we need our visitors more than ever before. However, we understand that Covid-19 pandemic, the new normal, has influenced changes of travel needs and trends, making safety and Hygiene for the traveler and their communities, more critical. It is therefore necessary that our guests travel and stay safe at Ruboni community camp. This has been made possible by Keeping safety and hygiene top on our service list.

We are making sure that, your next stay makes successful and positive travel experience more likely. We hope to welcome you to Ruboni Community Camp again, Soon! please contact us any time.

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