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Unforgettable holiday destination, in a rural mountain setting

Ruboni community camp is situated in the Rwenzori foothills. It is a lodge in the outskirts of Uganda, at the end of the world. It is here that the road ends with the rest being mountains and jungles. This village is next to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. If you stay here, you will witness the Mountains and forest next to the Ruboni community camp property or next to the park. Being at the hillside of Mihunga village, the camp offers a scenic display of the lined foothills in the north and the portal peaks in the west. Sometimes at given points, the Portal Peaks will give way to the high snow peaks of Rwenzori Mountains.

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Is it because of time, fitness or budget that you can’t trek these gorgeous Mountains? We have good news for you! It has now been made easy with Ruboni Community Camp. Mountain lovers don’t necessarily need the seven days to climb to the high peaks in order to experience the Rwenzori. One day and night will be enough to explore these Mountains from the base to the highest peak. On clear days, the treks to the local hills give opportunities of taking the views of the mountains as well as the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake George. During the community treks, you realize that the local hills are as beautiful. Looking at the local settlement patterns is mind blowing. You will be inspired by the traditional architectural skills as you enjoy the beauty of the local homes patched in the hilly villages. Some times these homesteads are set along the roads and riversides in the Mubuku valley, giving memorable views during the hill walks.

The camp offers local village tours that give you an opportunity to explore the surrounding area and cultural encounters of the Bakonzo people’s life. These include the hill trek or overnight hill camping. With local guides, guests trek from 1600 to 2400m above sea /level, on one of the highest hills in the village. In the valleys, you will find pocket forests, cliffs and rivers that form magical water falls and rapids. These make memorable moments of the holiday. On top of this hill, you will find the campground that gives you an opportunity to look over the Portal Peaks and take memorable sceneries of Margherita and other high peaks of Rwenzori. Margherita is the highest peak standing at 5109 meters above sea level. It is also the highest point in Uganda and the third highest in Africa.

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As travelers are increasingly concerned about stage-managed experiences only designed for visitors, at Ruboni Community, visitors have a chance to participate in the real life as it has been lived for hundreds of years. The activities are so easy to arrange on arrival and their prices are affordable. To participate in them, you just need to mention as you arrive at the camp. One of the staff will be available to give you an orientation that will help you to select a tour of your choice. The tours go to the local community residential areas, farmlands, markets and forests, both in and outside the park.

The panoramic view of the Mubuku valley is a key highlight. You will enjoy the scenery of banana gardens, meandering roads and homesteads lined along the landscape. This community is also a perfect gateway for the Mountain trekkers who want to climb the high peaks. Mubuku valley is one of the longest and deep rooted valleys on the Rwenzori. It is located in the central point of Rwenzori mountains. It is through this valley that trekkers access the Rwenzori snow peaks at the shortest and easiest trek through the 6-7 days Ibanda/ Nyakalengijo central circuit trail.

Rwenzori park gate

For those who have ever dreamt of reaching Congo but don’t find it easy, the trek to Margherita is also a chance to get a glimpse of Congo. Margherita peak is dissected by the boarder of Uganda and Congo. The trek to Rwenzori Mountains is probably the safest way you can get to Congo without a visa or security concerns. At certain times of this trek, your porters and guides will introduce you to the views of Congo. If you’re interested in this trek over the mountains, you will need seven days of trekking. This time will allow you to reach Margherita peak and return back to Ruboni community after a successful ascend.

If you’re a wildlife lover, you will love the location of Ruboni Community Camp as you’re likely to find plenty of unique wildlife in this mountainous valley. Ruboni community is home to 7 chameleon species, two of which are not found anywhere else on the earth. You will also find a large variety of birds and an assortment of plant life. Over thirty birds can be spotted from the veranda of the camp. Plants and wildlife here is mainly unique to Rwenzori and may not be easily found anywhere else in the region. The way plants are relevant to the local people is another insight. The local guide will interpret every plant showing you how they either provide food, medicine or other household values to the local families.

Whether you have or haven’t taken a holiday in the rural villages of Uganda, you will find Ruboni community an ideal place to relax from the routine while exploring the nature and culture in the outskirts of Uganda. Most probably staying at the camp will give you an appreciation of this way of living other than the rush and go life at home

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