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Trekking Rwenzori Mountains

Those who want to go inside the park, should know that, it is very easy to arrange the trek from Ruboni Community Camp. The camp is strategically located at the park gate. This gate next to Ruboni camp is the prime entry point to several trails including;

  • 1- Day nature walks,
  • 2- Days Mahoma trail or
  • 7- Days central circuit trail.
  • 8- Days margarita peat trek

Unlike other East African high mountains, Rwenzori is a block mountain. This accounts for the existence of a chain of shorter peaks enhancing the beauty. The ranges are spread all over this landscape. This Mountain range extends approximately 120km long and 65km wide.

Up to six main peaks can be found over the Rwenzori ranges, some of which are permanently snow-capped. These six include; Stanley, Speak, Baker, Emin, Gessi and Luigi di Savoia. Their height ranges between 4627 – 5109 meters above sea level where mount Stanley with Margherita peak is the highest. Scaling the lower peaks, you will be able to find very many other short peaks offering great scenery through the ranges. These shorter peaks include Kameli peak the recently discovered on the newly opened, Bughalitsa trail.

The scenery on all peaks is breathtaking. During the trek, most experienced climbers are able to confirm that this mountain offers the best scenery in Africa. Those looking to climb the high peaks should be well prepared and know that specialized equipment and high alpine insurance are required to ascend to the peaks.

Rwenzori is a cross border habitat that crosses to the democratic republic of Congo, connected to the Virunga National Park in Congo. On her five distinct vegetation zones, Rwenzori Mountains is home to unique habitat to other mountain ranges of the region.

Climbing experience is required to trek to the high peaks. Special equipment which can be easily hired at the base camp will be worn on the trek to margarita. This requires that, a parking list has to be provided to the trekkers as they plan the trip.

Ruboni community camp is privileged with the opportunity and capacity of organizing all treks to the Rwenzori communities and mountains. Being the most popular accommodation in the area, and the location at the park gate, makes it easy for you to arrange your trek at the same time with accommodation. You can also arrange your trek in the comfort of the lodge if you want to do the logistics after arrival. Please note that; though treks can be easily arranged after arrival at the camp, they require a bunch of logistics that may need to be purchased in advance. This puts whoever arranges the trek before arrival at an advantage of avoiding any inconveniences. Contact us any time, to arrange your trek today.

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