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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

This is why you can’t miss a stay at Ruboni Community Camp

Have you ever heard about the Rwenzori Mountains? If not, you’re probably still missing on Uganda’s most unique travel destination. Located in western Uganda, on the boarder with democratic republic of Congo, Rwenzori Mountains is the highest mountain Range in Africa. It is also the highest point in Uganda at 15109m above sea level. Until now, a very small number of people visit the Rwenzori Mountains. This is why this, extremely beautiful landscape is still off the touristy path.

Ruboni community Camp is uniquely located in the foot of Rwenzori Mountains. The lodge accommodates both mountain trekkers and the lowland travelers, on their safari between Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National National Parks. Ruboni community camp is the place to be, if you want to Trek the Rwenzori Mountains or add an interesting highlight to your wildlife safari in western Uganda.

From this lodge you will be able to explore the outskirts of Uganda like never before. Whether you’re new to Uganda or on your repeat trip, you will be sure to find a new experience every time you visit. A journey destined this lodge is a mix of holiday opportunities including; nature walks, mountain trekking and or living like a local in a unique mountain setting.

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