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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

The unique location of Ruboni Community Camp

This lodge is located in the Rwenzori foothills, giving an opportunity to live a purely natural moment in life while you stay here. The location offers one of the best Mountain views in the area. You will be emotionally energized in nature full of color, silence, scenery and surrounded with wildlife sounds. From the balcony overlooking the Mountains, you will be sure to have the best moment as you sip your cup of locally grown herbal tea or coffee.  Being in this location is the best moment to reach out for the book you have always wanted to complete.

Local guided tours

At Ruboni Community Camp, you will be introduced to the local guides who offer to take you around the village. The staff and guides provide timely and accurate information through the entire period from the first contact. The rural household members show you the local way of life as it is lived in the Rwenzori Mountains. The walks through the local villages give you a true feeling of being like one of the community members yourself. The community has created its own nature reserve in the border of Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Walking in this forest feels like walking in the National Park itself.

In the community forest, you will be looking to spot the elusive three-horned chameleons, looking for the primates and birds or the waterfalls in the jungle. All this is seen outside the park without paying any park entry fees.

When you visit the local farmer, the traditional storyteller, the blacksmith or the basket weaver, you have opportunities of participating in their work as much as you may wish. This experience is an opportunity to connect to what you may have always dreamt about, being in Africa. Other thrilling experiences include; the hill climb walk, the traditional dance performance, the coffee farming tour and the social life or the evening cultural festivals. Using her same experienced local guides, Ruboni community camp is also able to take you on longer experiences of trekking Rwenzori Mountains.

Other local benefit

It is also such an inspiring initiative that will leave you impressed by how a rural community has put up such an amazing project. Besides, the camp is an ideal venue for small conferences, retreats, family outings and study visits with other rural communities wanting to sustainably change their livelihoods.

Generally, the project is greatly contributing to conservation and community development to transform lives in this remote area. Staying at Ruboni community camp or doing one of their activities, directly contributes to their conservation and community development effort. As the tagline states; “All profits going back to the local community”.

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