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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

Ruboni Community Camp is ensuring guest safety from covid-19

Tucked in the Rwenzori foothills, Ruboni Community is probably the safest and most Hidden nature and culture hub in Uganda. We have not been reluctant about ensuring a safe and secure residence for our guest in the new normal, during and after the pandemic.

All areas have been prepared to safely receive and host guests while preventing the spread of the deadly corona virus. The following has been done to ensure a save stay for our guest;

  • We have acquired the necessary tools and Personal Protective equipment such as the sanitizers, none contact thermometer to help us keep the virus out of the lodge.
  • We have provided the necessary training and awareness rising to our staff, suppliers and key community members. They currently make such a committed team that is knowledgeable to how to preventing chances of corona transmission and handling related emergency.
  • At entrance, all guests are tested using none contact thermometer and helped top sanitize before entrance.
  • We have printed sufficient materials to provide information about the virus and how to manage personal behavior during corona virus emergence.
  • Each space at the lodge is supplied with sanitizer. The different areas covered include; guest rooms, restaurant, kitchen and toilets/ washrooms.
  • Our staff ensure that wearing facemasks, keeping social distance, timely sanitizing and proper coughing discipline is observed by the staff and guests all the time.
  • We have reduced the number of guests per group on tours to minimize crowding chances. our dining and public areas are designed to leave at least 1 meter between guests
  • During the activities and tours, our guides and escorts move with sanitizers to serve the guests on timely basis
  • After use of each facilities; rooms, furniture and washrooms, we sanitize before the next use by a new guest.
  • We have put a side one room for isolation in case any guest is symptomatic. such guests will be comfortably admitted to this room until the local government task force intervenes to provide support.
  • We have contacts of the local corona virus taskforce and keep them updated of any arising emergency.

Entebbe international airport reopening for tourists on 1st October 2020, is good timing for Ruboni community Camp. We have done all that is required to be compliant for post covid-19 operation. We have fulfilled the standard operating procedures and requirements of the Uganda ministry of Health.

It is important to note that, our area and location has not had any case of corona virus. With the strict following of the SOPs, we highly believe that Ruboni Community will continue to be the safest for our guests and community, making it an ideal stopover on every travel around Uganda.

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