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How to join the Evening traditional dance festival at Ruboni village, Rwenzori base-camp

After a days work, touring experience, return from the Rwenzori Mountains or stay at the lodge, community member always need an active and entertaining moment. This is the birth of the community traditional dance festival that happens every evening in Ruboni community. This comes in a pack of traditional music and other cultural functions performed by the locals themselves. The performance is well placed in the African village within the Rwenzori Mountains and foothills, giving the visitors a feeling of being in the home of one of the ancient African tribes. it o=also helps to pass on the cultural knowledge to the young generations as a way to uphold the Bakonzo and Rwenzori traditions.

Join this community festive, grab a cold beer, local banana wine or any of the other local drinks and seat with the rest of the locals to enjoy the energy that comes with the rhythm and folklore in the Bakonzo traditional music. The event is organized on specific days every week. On request, this dance can also be organized on any day of ones choice. This arrangement needs to be made in advance.

Traditional dance

What to expect at the performance?

During this dance session, you will be witnessing the dance of the Bakonzo people as it has been performed hundred of years in history. With varied kinds of ancient music instruments, the energetic and taut Bakonzo men and women will use their music to showcase how different life processes ware celebrated. This tribe was originally a forest tribe. All their life depends on the forests including most of the music instruments. You will enjoy both the sounds and the art impeded in the music implements such as the flutes, xylophone, drums, and others that come from forest wood and plant based products.

Duration of the performance:

During the 30 -60 minutes performance, a few songs will be sang, each with a different style of dancing depicting a unique moment in the local traditional life. After each song, a moderator will translate the meaning of the song and when it was sang in the traditional society. Even without interpretation from the moderator, the body language, dialect and sounds will already show.

At intervals, guests are invited to participate. This is an opportunity to share your culture and style with this tribe. You will be inspired to dance, play the drums or explore the Rwenzori though sounds and rhythm of the mountains. During this celebratory function, every moment is a picture moment. You may ask to dress with the traditional dancing costumes and live just like the locals for a moment.

When do the performances take place?

These traditional dance performances are prior scheduled every month. When you reach your lodge near the Ruboni community, at the foot of Rwenzori Mountains, asks for the next time the traditional dance will be happening.

A payment fee will be required per person attending. Payments are done Ruboni community camp or any other hotel to avoid involving money in the cultural function that is intended for social happiness and interaction. The payment made at the hotel is fully passed to the performing group to support their work through payments to individual or in a number of development initiatives of community interest. You’re required to just come with some cash to buy your own extra drinks and gifts during the function

How you can arrange to attend this festival:

The function happens during the evenings, between 6:00 and 7:00pm at Nyakalengijo. Guests are expected to arrive by 5:45pm. The price for attending is 10$ per guest joining this evening function. The payment includes one drink served during the dance performance. More drinks are available for sale on requests. Attendance is easy to arrange. Talk with your lodge staff to direct you to the the venue of the traditional dance. You can contact us to find out the days for the event before arrival or as you plan your visit.

Where to stay and other activities you can do.

For those who want to explore the area more, you have options of other experiences in the area. A long list of lodges is available in the area. If you spend a night at Ruboni community camp or and other lodge around, you will be able to participate in a list of other activities organised by the community. These activities include;

  • The forest hike to the rain forest next to Rwenzori Mountains national park
  • The villages cultural walk around Ruboni community
  • The hill trek to the highest village hike at 2400m above sea level
  • The overnight hill trek on the top of the hill at 2400m above sea level
  • 1-day natures walk inside the park
  • 3-days Mahoma trek inside the park or
  • 7-8 days trek to the high peaks of Rwenzori Mountains.

How to get to the dance venue

From Kasese town, you will be heading to Nyakalengijo in Ibanda kyanya town council. Drive 9km on fort portal road and turn left at Kisanyarazi Nkenda electrical terminal. From the terminal, you will drive 16km passing by Bugoye and Ibanda trading centers. The traditional dance venue is located at Nyakalengijo. At an added cost, a bodaboda or cab can be arranged to pick you from any lodge in Kasese, Ibanda or Nyakanlengijo basecamp. Please contact us in advance if you want us to arrange your transfer, attendance or if you want to arrange a private dance session.

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