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How to experience Rwenzori in one night of trekking, easily and affordably

The overnight hill trek tour organized by Ruboni Community Camp is a shortcut option of the long and costly Rwenzori trekking. In a few hours of walking and one night of outdoor camping, you will be able to take memories of the highest peak of the Rwenzori Mountains.  The budget is good too. Just 100$ of your trip budget covers everything on this trek. It is probably the cheapest trek you will find in Uganda that gives you an opportunity to experience Uganda’s highest point easily, cheaply, and affordably.

The trek involves spending a night on the community peak that is 2400 meters high. You trek through the villages, farms, and on the hills leading you to the scenic ridges. Giving you one of the most rewarding views, these ridges overlook the mountains and residential communities in the Mubuku valley. You will be amazed by this trail that is off the beaten path. The trekking is entirely clear, full of scenic picture moments.  In the early morning and late evening, while on the top, you will have a chance to clearly view Margherita peak.

View of Mubuku valley

Margherita is the highest point on the Rwenzori Mountains standing at 5109 meters above sea level. It is also the roof of Uganda and Congo as it seats on the border of these two countries. You will also be able to view Lake George in Queen Elizabeth national park. During the stay at the top, utilize the chance to scan the surrounding lowlands, mountains, forests at different angles. This is a great opportunity to take some of the best pictures of the scenery on the Rwenzori Mountains.

Besides the mountains and scenery, this trek gives you a lot more as you learn the local life. You will be walking in residential villages and hillside farms. This is the opportunity to learn how the local people live on the Rwenzori foothills. Your guide will be interpreting everything since the local residents fully understand the local way of life. The common sight will be the local crops, the local housing architecture, households processing local crops, and or learning how the local community members manually grow and carry their produce from the farms over the hills without the need for cars and other modern machinery.

Process and tour content:

On arrival at Ruboni community camp, you will be welcomed and then make your lunch order, meet the guide and start packing your luggage. After a well-deserved lunch, you start trekking. The trek will take a maximum of three hours to the top but can take longer or shorter depending on the pace. you will have a light dinner snack at the top of the hill. After the snack, look for the best viewing moments and then bed night. Early morning you will wake up at around 5:00 am to look for the viewing moments targeting the sunrise and the Margherita views. This will go on up to 7:00 when you will prepare for your return to the camp. On arrival at the camp, you will take a good shower and a well-deserved breakfast.

This is why this trek is the cheapest and most rewarding you will find in Uganda. its price includes all three meals, the guide, the porters, the energy, the camping gear, and the entire experience of trekking.

This trek is located outside the park on the border and therefore no park fees are charged. It is also a good acclimatization route for the high Rwenzori peaks. Even though we know you’re strong and able to make it to the top of Rwenzori,  you may reach moments when you doubt your ability to climb. This hill trek will be a suitable trial trek on the first day of arrival as you prepare for the multi-day trek to the Rwenzori peaks.

view of the Mountains

Packing list:

The list of what to take on this trek is simple and brief. You can refer to the longer Rwenzori packing list or you can take the following;

  • water bottle/ Carmel back
  • A day pack
  • walking shoes,
  • Rain gear,
  • Trekking trousers,
  • Flashlight,
  • Sun hat and screen,
  • Insect repellant,
  • Photography equipment,
  • Trail snacks,
  • Any prescribed medicine
  • Sleeping bag (optional)
  • Tent (optional)

The rest of the gear including tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, catering facilities, and energy are included in the price. Each guest goes with a minimum of two local supporters (guides/ porters)

To take this hill trek tour during your next visit to Rwenzori, please contact us and we will place your reservation.

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