At Ruboni community camp, we know it can sometimes be tiresome to make choices and manage payments of bills during travel. If you like to plan your budget and activity choice early before arrival, we have put together a number of flexible packages so that we can enable our guests to pay once and get all the services in the most attractive and convenient way. Forget the trouble of cash management during the trip, it has been made possible to pay Ruboni Community Camp by credit card.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family looking for memorable outsing, a group of friends or lovebirds who want to be in the most serene natural setting or on your way before/after trekking the Rwenzori Mountains, you will find Ruboni community camp ideal. The packages make it even easier since will be able to concentrate on the exploration of this beautiful landscape and culture.

As you plan to place your booking, please try our holiday packages that have been prepared for your convenience.

We can do more if you do need other services. On request, we will organize all transfers to and from Ruboni community camp, arrange longer Rwenzori treks to the high peaks or add any services to your package of choice. This is a very flexible arrangement, as it is possible to upgrade your package on arrival in case you want to add something else.

Terms of service:

For more information, please contact us.