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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

A new look after improving Ruboni Community camp – Rwenzori base-camp

We welcome you back to nature for a moment, at Ruboni Community Camp. The camp is located in a natural setting, allowing every visitor to explore nature and culture of Rwenzori Mountains. Post covid19 pandemic lock-down is a whole new chapter on the journey of service at Ruboni, the Rwenzori basecamp. The camp facilities have been improved in a new style to make sure the camp matches with your travel needs of the time. Never the less, we continue to offer the same best services in a scenic and quiet environment.

Considering the cozy restaurant, the safe pathways, full time power supply, improved beds and netting, re-tiled sparkling clean bathrooms, the camp is a perfect holiday destination than ever before, for all travelers choosing Rwenzori destination.
If you have stayed here before, your next visit will be like a new first visit to this camp. Guests who have never been here before will also be impressed by the level of service in this serene and scenic facility located in the heart of nature.

With our guest interests in mind, everything has been touched. We have improved the safety on the walks by building environmentally friendly and safe pathways. The cold weather is now history. We got several natural heat options set. They have been tried and proved to work well. With full time power supply, all guests can charge their gadgets in the restaurant or guestrooms as they wish. The lighting systems are being improved and input is still welcome. We want to ensure that the camp is lit in the most liked way that equally caters for people and the environment.

The service levels have definitely gone high, meals are being prepared in a standard and reliable kitchen. We are using 90% local ingredients in our kitchen, some of which are grown on the site. Our private packing area is lit and attended all the night. To ensure there is low interference with the ecosystem, the board walks and walk ways are constructed using improved natural materials to protect the ground.

We have improved our guest rooms too. Bedding with new mattresses, mosquito netting, bathroom tiling and finishing. With provision of double beds option, couples now find the camp more accommodating than in the past when the camp has had only twin beds. Now guests can request for either a twin, single or double room.

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