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Email us: | WhatsApp|Call Us: +256752503445

How to use contactless check-in at Ruboni Community Camp

About contactless check-in at Ruboni Community camp

At Ruboni Community Camp, we encourage all our guests to check in before arrival. This is to minimize the chances of contact with the staff at arrival, to reduce chances of transferring covid-19 infections. We have attached a draft form here for you to see. However, a new tailored form will be sent to each guest.

Requirements for contactless check-in

  • Guest must have deposited atleast 50% of their bill
  • The filled check-in form must be sent atleast one day before arrival
  • Guest must share the email address where the checkin form will be sent.

How to check-in before arrival, using the contactless form

  • Receive the invoice after making your reservation.
  • Make the 50% (or more) deposit using the options provided on the invoice
  • Receive the confirmation of payment with the contactless form
  • Receive the contactless check-in form with directions on how to fill it.
  • Fill and send the contactless checkin form.

How to fill and send the contactless check-in form

  • A new Contactless check in form must be sent to you by email
  • Fill the existing gaps in the contact form document sent to you
  • Print the form
  • Sign in the designated sign area
  • Scan the form and send to the given email.

If you have any other questions, please contact us before you fill out the contactless check-in form.

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