Our activities


We have put together the most interesting and involving activities that will give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique culture and nature of the Rwenzori Mountains. You have a long list to select from, forest nature walks, hill climb treks, village tours, traditional dance performances, evening cultural festivals, homesteads visits or trekking to the high peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.

These tours enable you to do everything the local people do on a daily basis as you meet the local people in their daily setting. We also offer an exclusive Agro-tour that showcases coffee and vanilla farming where you will participate in the whole process of farming, harvesting, and processing the crop.

The overnight hill trek

The overnight hill trek tour organized by Ruboni Community Camp is a shortcut option to the long and costly Rwenzori trekking. In a few hours

Rwenzori trekking Experience

Climbing Rwenzori Mountains through the Ibanda gate starts at Nyakalengijo headquarters (1615m). Through this trail (gate) one can do two optional treks. The first option

Cultural festivals

The foothills of the RwenzoriMountains area have been the residence of the Bakonzo tribe for over 300 years. Every evening in the Ruboni community, the

3 days Mahoma trek

This 28km trail takes you to explore a cross-section of the lower slopes of the scenic Rwenzori Mountains. The trail is an alternative to longer

Traditional dance

This is the most joyful way of meeting people and learning their way of life. As with all other African tribes, music and dance among

Village Tour

  Meet the Bakonzo people in their village at their home or as they make their local trades. Our village walk gives you the opportunity